What is the difference between BS4 and BS6 Engine?

This article is based on the later version of BS4 which is BS6 in. At the same time , before going into more details about BS6 or Bharat Stage 6 norms , let ‘s look at some basics .

BSES in full form is The Bharat Stage Emissions Standards (BSES)

     These types of automotive emissions standards that are applicable (the mandate) was created by the Government of India air pollutants to check to. By the way, you probably know that these air pollutants are produced from the internal combustion engine of the vehicle .

All these standards are set by the Central Pollution Control Board , which comes under the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change . If you also want to know about BS6 Engine, then you will have to read this article completely. Then let us get a little information about BS6 Engines .  

About Bharat Stage Standard

These BS (Bharat Stage) norms are all based on EURO (European) emissions standards . “India 2000” to roll out the year 2000 in , stayed after BS2 and BS3 has implemented the Sun in 2001 and 2005 in. At the same time, the biggest and successful BS norm was BS4 (4th stage) (BSIV), because it was implemented with full vigor across the country. At the same time, its emissions mandate was also enforce.        

          Not only in 2016 , the Government of India are determined to see him in the coming years BS5 norm will be completely removed and, while year 2020 in Bharat Stage 6 (BS 6) will be implemented in the entire country.  

UPDATE [October 20l8] thing now then it revealed that , Supreme Court has decided now BS4 vehicles so March 2020 can not be sold since the BS6 should be implemented then. 

 What is BS6.

Bharat Stage Norms

The Bharat Stage 6 (BSVI) norm is the sixth mandate of vehicular emissions and this is going to be a great change against the rising air pollution.

What is the difference between BS6 and BS4 ?

Now let us know how BS6 is different than BS4 . Now we will know about the difference between these two.

1. The BS6 norm fuel (the fuel) will be changed , because BS6 compliant engine for BS6 fuel is required. You cannot use BS4 fuel in a BS6 vehicle as it will be against BS6 norms . , While Indian oil companies have already BS6-grade Petrol and Diesel to distribute has already started.  

In the beginning, while the Delhi of 391 filling stations in the start has been. At the same time , BS6 fuel will be made available in 13 major metro cities of India by April 2019 .  

2. One big difference between BS6 and BS4 fuel is that it has 5 times less sulphur traces (10 parts per million) in BS6 fuel compared to BS4 (50 ppm) .

The NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) level will also be reduced significantly in BS6 fuel which will be around 70% less in Diesel engine while 25% will be reduced in Petrol Engines . 

3. Valid BS6 has brought a lot of changes , which is a key that all of these car Mandatory OBD ( Onboard Diagnostics ) be.

4. RDE (Real Driving Emission) for the first time introduce will be between the vehicle of emission to measure.

5. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) techniques for Diesel Engines .    

What are the main challenges facing BS6 ?

Although it is going to be a very good decision for consumers , but for car manufacturers this task is not so easy.

BS4 gradually phase-out on and with the BS6 the introduction of , automakers round the clock only BS6 compliant vehicles would have started to build. Not only this , due to this non-compliancy , the Diesel engine has also received a big setback due to the drop in their sales . Which is all-time low .   

Update automobile manufacturers will have to get rid of their BS4 stock as soon as possible before April 2010 because the Supreme Court has prohibited the sale of any BS4 vehicles in India after April 2020 .

BS6 Fuel Compatible Engines of millions of dollars to make the investment has been its technology, research and development in. 

At the same time , with the BS6 upgrade , their manufacturing cost has seen a lot of increase, due to which the prices of cars can increase by about 10% -15% .

Valid Luxury carmaker; Mercedes Benz has just introduced its BS 6 ready made-in-India S-Class, much before the deadline .

What BS4 by Cars ( in the car) BS6 may be used for fuel ?

This question must have come in the minds of many that whether they can use BS6 Fuel in their BS4 engine vehicle or not ? Will BS6 fuel damage your BS4 car ?

The answer is yes and no. If you drive a petrol-powered car , then you don’t have to worry. Petrol BS4 and BS6 petrol is very little difference in their chemical composition of the term . Therefore, this is not a big concern for Petrol car owners.  

While diesel ‘s case is not the case. That’s because BS4 diesel quantity of Sulphur traces (50 ppm) are found , stayed BS6 diesel only 10 ppm of Sulphur K By the way, it is very good for the environment. 

Now the question arises, why is Sulfur so important ?

The answer is a diesel engine depends on the injector it up even Fuel ( fuel) Ionise to which he combustible becomes. Sulfur in Diesel Cars acts as a lubricant for the diesel injector .  

At the same time, if the BS6 diesel is used in a BS4 car , then it will cause the injector to deteriorate completely, because it is also prematurely due to low lubrication (low sulphur) . At the same time, it can also increase the emissions due to changes in the flow pattern of the fuel .  

Can BS4 fuel be used in BS6 cars ?

Let us now know whether BS4 fuel can be used in BS6 Cars or not ? Will the use of BS4 fuel in BS6 car damage the car ?

If all these questions are also coming in your mind , then let’s understand the answer. Like I have already said that there will be no problem in Petrol trains due to not much difference between BS4 and BS6 petrol .

But diesel-powered cars for , which if BS4 fuel will be used in its BS6 vehicle then having them quite cost problem may be.

BS6 diesel engines use very sophisticated electronics and a re-developed exhaust system . Valid since BS6 Engines now DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) have been included , such BS4 Diesel much higher volume of which sulphur content occurs that drastically larger will emission ( because increased sulphur ppm of Karan) , due to which it will gradually become diesel particulate filter block . Which will have a dangerous impact on the fuel economy of diesel cars .   

What will happen to bs4 vehicles banned?

Yes April 2020 since BS4 trains ban will be. Supreme Court of October 2018 in which it announced the , BS4 Vehicles complete sales and purchases of ban will be imposed April 2020 onwards.

On this court has an ultimatum to all the car manufacturers all their old stock with BS4 vehicles to clear must deadline before. At the same time, the court has clearly made it clear that no extension will be provided to any car companies for clearance of their old BS4 car stock .  

Should you get a new car now or wait for BS6 ?

Now with the recent fall in the prices of cars , everyone is thinking of getting new cars right now . But now it is very important to decide whether to get a new car or wait for BS6 .

By the way, when talking about the price, it is quite good but there is a very big reason which we cannot ignore is the BS6 emission norm. This is the big reason that is preventing many potential buyers from buying cars in the present time .  

I hope you have liked my article BS- 6 ( What is BS6) . It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about BS6 Engine in  to the readers , so that they do not have to search in other sites or internet in the context of that article . This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place .    

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments .

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